Fayette County Airport


Airport name: Fayette County Airport

FAA Airport ID: KFYE

Airport owner: Fayette County Government

Airport activation date: 12/1975

Airport type: Public use

Runway(s): 2

Runway length: 5003’

Runway heading(s): 01 19

          008◦ 188◦

Airport elevation: 435’ above mean sea level

Attendance hours: Monday-Saturday 08:00 – 17:00

Sunday 12:30 – 17:00 (based on seasonal demand)

Fuel service: 24/7/365 Jet-A and 100LL AVGAS.

Fuel provided in self-serve terminal accepting most major credit cards.

Airport hours of operation: 24/7/365.

Recent Airport Development

  • 5/2007: Following decades of little or no attention to the airport, Fayette County Mayor Rhea “Skip” Taylor agrees with the airport board recommendation to have Fayette County operate the airport (vs. independent contractors and private enterprises, as previously used). An airport manager was hired to direct airport development and operate airport. Fayette County takes over all aspects of operation of the airport including fuel service, aircraft storage and maintenance of facility.
  • 12/2007: 20 new T-hangar units are opened for aircraft storage at KFYE. These new hangars were actually “sold out” before the buildings were even completed and have remained as such since being available to aircraft owners. There currently is a waiting list for persons wishing to locate their aircraft at the airport. Unfortunately we have NO aircraft storage space of any type available on the field and we have customer waiting lists for any hangar space that may become available on the field in the future.
  • 11/2009: KFYE opens a new, state-of-the-art fuel system consisting of two (2) 12,000 gallon fuel tanks and automated fuel dispensing equipment. For the first time, both Jet fuel and 100LL AVGAS fuel are available to customers of KFYE. This development generates tremendous revenue and service opportunities to the airport that previously had been overlooked. Jet traffic now routinely operates to/from our airport. Fuel is now available to pilots 24/7 at highly competitive prices, generating much needed revenue for Fayette County.
  • 7/2010: Fayette County Airport opens a new terminal building. With this modern building, visitors and residents alike have a place to conduct business or enjoy themselves while visiting the airport. The facility was purpose-built to provide necessary facilities for transient pilots, business men requiring conference/meeting rooms and the general public as a meeting/congregation facility. Most notably, the building serves as a beacon welcoming visitors and creating a positive image of our county during their time spent at KFYE.

The airport has a weight limitation of 30,000 lbs. per wheel. Navigation facilities will soon be upgraded to the latest and most capable satellite-based Global Positioning System GPS WAAS instrument approach, providing pilots with the same level of accuracy and margin of safety as they would find at larger airports such as Memphis International.

For flight training purposes, the airport is in an ideal location! Just outside the restricted airspace of Memphis International Airport, KFYE offers students an ideal facility from which to learn primary and advanced flight instruction. Without the impediment that operations supervised by a control tower imposes, students can accumulate more efficient training in a considerably abbreviated time span. This translates into significant cost savings for student training.