Stockdale's LLC

Riding a horse across open space, rounding up cattle, growing an abundant garden and a lush lawn, playing with a favorite pet, undertaking an agricultural venture, having a direct relationship with the land, enjoying nature, or simply seeking peace and quiet.

Those are the simple dreams and desires of people who long for and live in the country. Serving that rural lifestyle is the mission of Stockdale's, a store like no other.

The country meets the city at Stockdale's, which is simply the best rural lifestyle store in existence. Our attractive, conveniently designed stores provide a comfortable, welcoming environment and a large selection of quality products for the home, the farm, and the family. Only the best, most trusted brand names make it to our showroom, which is filled with supplies for part-time farming operations, items to pamper your pets and horses, top-of-the-line clothing for all types of activities, outdoor equipment for hunting and camping, lawn and gardening gear, country-inspired gifts and decor, and much more.

And while you're here, Stockdale's friendly staff will treat you like family, and we promise you'll have an enjoyable shopping experience. We're large enough to meet your needs, but small enough to appreciate your business. And we understand how to serve the rural lifestyle, because we live it, too.

So welcome to Stockdale's, neighbor. Whether you've got a backyard, several acres, or an entire farm, we have everything you need with the service you deserve.

Phone:(901) 465-3006
Adress:6250 Hwy 64