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It is because of the failing marriages that Marriage Matters was founded. We have several services that we offer to a couple seeking marriage. I offer a couple seeking marriage the opportunity for pre-marital counseling. If they chose not to have pre-marital counseling, I offer them the opportunity to sit, visit and discuss their reason s for marriage and what they can expect. If they choose not to have any counseling at all, I explain that the services I do are Christian and that Jesus will be invited to the wedding. It is explained to the couple that scripture states (Mt. 18:20) that where two or more are gathered Jesus will be present.

I know that this is a brief note; I pray that it explained to you all the mindset that Marriage Matters operates under. In closing please allow me to mention a few of our other services:

  1. 1.Pre marriage counseling
  2. 2.Help in preparing a personal service.
  3. 3.Rehearsals
  4. 4.Marriage counseling

Marriage Matters offers only Christian services. It goes without saying that most Christian marriage customs are available. If you wish the same day you received your license, just give us a call at (901) 833-2037.

Grace & Peace, 

Pastor Howard "Bear" Alperin, Th.D. Bc.D. Board Certified Pre-Maritial Counselor Senior Chaplain-Chaplain Fellowship Ministries Board Certified Pastorial Counselor Member: American Association of Christian Counselors Member: Wesleyan Theological Society Member: Society for the Studies of Psychology & Wesleyan Theology

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