Fayette County Public Schools

126 West Market Street, Somerville, TN 38068

FCS serves 3,700 students and families in 12 learning environments. FCS include 7 elementary, 2 middle and one comprehensive high school. Additionally, they serve students in a career and technical center and an alternative center.

FCS is proud to have a team of over 350 teaching professionals within their learning community. Their teachers facilitate and participate in a large range of professional development opportunities. Their learning communities are led by state renowned principals and their students receive state-wide recognition for their academic and civic contributions.

Through focus, commitment, and service, FCS is building a successful future for their students.

Oakland Elementary School

14925 Highway 194, Oakland, TN 38060

Southwest Elementary School

8095 Highway 194, Macon, TN 38048

West Jr. High School (6-8)

13100 Highway 194, Oakland, TN 38060

Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School

13520 Highway 59 W., Somerville, TN 38068

Private Schools

Fayette Academy (K-12)

15090 Highway 64, Somerville, TN 38068

Fayette Academy is a college preparatory school based on Christian beliefs and is dedicated to providing a quality education for students in Pre-K through grade twelve. The school is committed to the development of each student with emphasis placed on academic, personal, moral, social, and physical development in a safe environment.

Gateway Christian Schools (K-12)

7980 Highway 64 Suites 106/107, Oakland, TN 38060

Gateway is a Christian school with three programs from which parents and legal guardians can choose. We have a traditional CAMPUS SCHOOL meeting daily at our Macon Road location in Memphis. We have an EXTENSION PROGRAM in which students come to one of our centers, pick up self-instructional curriculum materials, study these under parental supervision, and then come for tutor help or to take weekly tests. Finally, we have a TOTAL HOME EDUCATION PROGRAM for parents who accept full responsibility for the education of their children.

Macon Road Baptist School (K3-12)

11015 HIGHWAY 64, ARLINGTON, TN 38002

Macon road provides challenging instruction for grades k-3 through 12. Macon road baptist school desires to train every student in a way that he/she will live to bring glory to the lord in every aspect of life through excellence in academic, emotional, mental, moral, physical, spiritual, and social training.

Rossville Academy (K-12)

280 High Street, Rossville, TN 38066

Rossville Christian Academy exists to challenge a diverse student body through high academic standards, seeking to instill and inspire Christian virtues in a safe and nurturing environment. RCA aspires to produce successful, well-rounded leaders who will serve in a secular world according to Christian principles.

Morris Chapel Christian School (K-12)

185 Henry Dr., Somerville, TN 38068

Private Schools in Close Proximity

St. Benedict, St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Christian Brothers High School, Evangelical Christian School, St. Ann’s, Briarcrest, Presbyterian Day School, Grace St. Luke, Hutchison, Memphis Catholic School, Memphis University School.

University of Tennessee Extension

University of Tennesse Extension, providing researched based information to individuals, families, consumers and farmers.

UT Extension provides a gateway to the University of Tennessee as the outreach unit of the Institute of Agriculture. It is a statewide educational organization, funded by federal, state and local governments, that brings research-based information about agriculture, family and consumer sciences, and resource development to the people of Tennessee where they live and work.

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Higher Education


University of Tennessee at Martin in Somerville

The University of Tennessee at Martin offers classes at the Fayette County Career Center in Somerville. For more information visit the Fayette County Higher Education Facility Website. More information about UT Martin academic programs is available at www.utm.edu.

Fayette County Career Center

16210 Highway 64 West, Somerville, TN 38068

The Fayette County Adult Education Program provides a variety of programs for adults which will give them the opportunity to acquire and improve functional skills necessary to enhance the quality of their lives as family members, workers and citizens. These programs play an important role in fostering productive employment, effective citizenship, personal and family growth, self-esteem and dignity for adult learners. (G.E.D. Preparation, State Adult Education Programs, Fayette County Literacy Council)

Southwest TN Community College


Fayette County Career Center

121 West Court Square, Somerville, TN 38068

Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School

13520 Highway 59, Somerville, TN 38068

Higher Education in Close Proximity

University of Memphis, Rhodes College, Southwest Community College, Christian Brothers University, LeMoyne-Owen College, Crichton College, University of Phoenix, Remington College, Baptist College of Health Sciences, Southern College of Optometry, Union University, UT Medical, UT Martin, Tennessee Technology Center at Whiteville

Online Colleges